An Open Letter to My Coach

Who Made Me Want to Quit Baseball

Dear Coach,

You seemed a bit confused today after the events of yesterday so I wanted to let you understand why I quit your team. I am sorry that I’m quitting your team, but baseball is just not any fun for me now. Plus, I don’t think the team will miss me. I rarely got into games so I doubt I will be missed.

This season has been really hard for me. I’ve always been one of the best players in any league that I played in. Baseball was always fun for me. I didn’t care whether it was practice, games, scrimmages or just going to the batting cages…I LOVED BASEBALL!!

I’m pretty sure it was that intense love of the game that allowed me to be so good at it. I’m sure it’s part of why you recruited me to your travel baseball team. I was really excited to play a higher level of baseball, but was a little worried about playing with kids 1-2 years older than me, but you assured me that I was able to play at their level.

Things started in the wrong direction pretty early.

Open Letter

Remember that the kids on your team can almost always hear everything you say. I heard you when you asked my dad “What happened to him over the summer?” when I didn’t have the best tryout. While I knew that I was just having an off day, that comment told me you didn’t care about me. You only cared about the hits/runs I could provide your team.

If you were going to make a comment about it I wish you would have said it to me. I would have told you I was having an off day. Instead it felt like you didn’t want to talk to me about my play. Instead you ran to my dad to talk about it.

I don’t understand why you and the other coaches are yelling at the umpires. When you asked my dad to have me join your team you told him that you taught kids how to play “the right way”. That’s not a part of what I’ve been taught about playing the right way. Frankly, it’s embarrassing to watch my coach scream, holler, and get thrown out of the game. This is supposed to be a higher level of baseball. So far it looks like that means kids with better abilities and adults that act less mature.

Please talk to me about where I’m going to play. I was highly confused when I was suddenly thrown out into right field. I hadn’t played much outfield up to that point. It would have helped me a lot to have you tell me that you planned on putting me out there because I was younger that all the other kids and would give me an opportunity to adjust to the speed of the game.Coach Teaching

If you had told me that it would have actually made me feel good. I would have known you had a plan for me.Instead, it made me feel like you thought I was a bad player that you regretted adding to your team.

When you constantly remind me of the plays I didn’t make it doesn’t help me improve. I know that I sometimes have bad practices or games. But I’ve also had good games. Some of them really good. Don’t you remember them? You were there.

I know that I need to be coached, but I really only need to be told once what I did wrong. I’m listening. After helping me correct my mistakes it would really help me if you could remind me of the things I’ve done right or how much I’ve improved.

I hear you talking bad about my teammates and it makes me wonder what you say about me. Maybe you forget that me and other players are on the bench and can hear you talking about other kids on the team. But we can. I hear you making fun of them for being slow or making a mistake. It makes me wonder what you say about me when I’m out there. It really makes me wonder if you really even like us.

Coach, all anyone seems to care about is winning every game. I’m only 11 years old. All I really want to do is play baseball with my friends and have fun. I really love baseball. But so far this season it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

Honestly, it’s not fun at all. If this is how I’m going to feel I’d rather quit and go do something else where I have fun with my friends.


Justin #21

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