Simple Ways to Make Your Kids More Athletic

If you’ve ever had a team of 5, 6, or 7 year old kids you’ve seen kids that are struggling with basic body coordination. I’ve had many practices where it looks like every kid is running around with their shoelaces untied. It’s one of the challenging parts of coaching youth baseball. You’re trying to teach complex, athletic movements (i.e. throwing, hitting and fielding) to kids who haven’t figured out how to control their body yet. So how do we develop more athletic kids?

As coaches, we are really limited in what we can do. After all, we only have these kids for about 40 hours in any given season. During those 40 hours we have to teach them the skills of the game and game strategy. It’s not realistic for us to also dedicate time to developing pure athleticism.¬†It falls on parents to help develop athletic kids.

Benefits Beyond Sport


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My Coaching Journey

Several years ago I started my coaching journey when two of my boys were playing. I had played baseball as a kid through high school and later played club baseball during college. Most of my fondest memories as a kid were centered around baseball. Thirty years later I still remember the time I spent with my dad playing catch, spending time with my friends and details of specific games.

This was the kind of experience that I wanted my boys to have with baseball. Here’s me with my guys… (more…)