Where Did He Learn to Throw Like That?

Learning to throw is the starting point for getting kids into baseball. And, in theory, it should be one of the easiest skills for kids to learn to do properly. After all, as all parents know, throwing stuff is something kids do A LOT as soon as they figure out how to do it. Toys, rocks, smaller siblings…they like to throw. So why does throwing a baseball look so uncomfortable and nonathletic for so many kids?

Dad and son throwing

The simple answer…look at their parents!

Don’t believe me?? Watch this. (more…)

Why Intent is the Most Important Coaching Tool

Youth baseball has become big business. For leagues, teams, and most certainly for private coaching. Whether your child is just learning the game or is working towards earning a college scholarship, think about the conflict of interest that private coaches face.

  • You take your child to them to teach some aspect of the game or fix some issue in their game.
  • The more lessons your child has the more money they make.

Now I have nothing against private lessons. Another set of eyes and viewpoint is almost always beneficial. The issue I have is that the approach used by a lot of private coaches has become more and more common in youth coaching. The issue is not that what is being taught is necessarily wrong (although sometimes it is).

Throwing with Intent


Why I Banned Throwing Before Practice

When talking with other coaches or parents about some of the routines that my teams have there’s usually a few things that are guaranteed to get a strange look. One of those is when I tell them that I don’t allow throwing before practice. The next question is obviously “Why?”.

Throwing Warm Up

What I Saw That Drove Me Crazy

Go to just about any youth baseball practice, at least on the recreational level, and what you’ll see before practice goes something like this: (more…)

The Only 5 Words You Need to Teach Young Players

The Power of Intent

How many of us have gone down the rabbit trail of YouTube videos of hitting and throwing drills trying to fix the mechanics of one of our players? I know I have. You’ve worked with young players for months on their load or hands or arm slot and you’re sure the next video will be the one that will do the trick…

I’m here to tell you that when it comes to young players (from the time they start up to 12 years old), the only words you as a coach or parent need to provide your child as instruction are hit it/throw it…“AS HARD AS YOU CAN”.

Young Players Instructions

To some this is heresy, but for me this is a principle that is the foundation of how I teach the kids I work with, including my own boys. If you’ve been around our site long you’ll hear me talk a lot about this topic. I originally was introduced to the concept of intent when I stumbled (more…)