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Baseball Greenhouse is a site designed for coaches, parents, or anyone interested in helping their child learn the game of baseball. Our goal is to help young kids learn to play the game in a way that helps them develop a lifelong love of baseball.

My Coaching Journey

Several years ago I started my coaching journey when two of my boys were playing. I had played baseball as a kid through high school and later played club baseball during college. Most of my fondest memories as a kid were centered around baseball. Thirty years later I still remember the time I spent with my dad playing catch, spending time with my friends and details of specific games.

This was the kind of experience that I wanted my boys to have with baseball. Here’s me with my guys…Robison Baseball Team

As I got into coaching I struggled with how to teach the kids under my care the game in a way that was consistent and easily understood by 6, 7, and 8 year old kids. I spent more time doing Google searches that I can count looking for tools and resources. I was looking for anything that would help my boys and the kids I coached how to play baseball AND to have a great time in the process.

There are hundreds of websites and coaches sharing information that helped me along my journey. It was simply overwhelming to try to sort through all of the information available! The problem I had with almost everything out there is that the methods of teaching the game were not geared towards young players. In other words, coaches are speaking a language that the player can’t understand.

I learned that it was a communication problem. Essentially, the real issue is that the coach is talking too much and doing little to no listening. I’ve learned that the key to helping kids learn the basic skills of baseball comes down to a few simple concepts repeated over and over.

My Goal

My goal is to help you along your coaching journey. If you are involved in the development of any youngster in your life, I hope that Baseball Greenhouse helps your kids develop a love of baseball.

Baseball is a wonderful game! We all have an opportunity to develop the character and integrity of the kids we interact with through the game of baseball. I hope Baseball Greenhouse is a useful tool for you!!

Keeping Growing,

Shawn Robison

Shawn Coaching Baseball

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